The Future of Marketing Measurement – Spend Less Get Better Results / Part 2

marketing ROI reporting

Marketing is changing and it is changing at a rapid pace. The days of “touchy feely” and failing to accurately measure the ROI on all aspects of your marketing investment are fast coming to an end. Simply thinking of an expensive marketing activity as “brand building” is no longer sufficient. In the last article we […]

Google Analytics Conference – Oracle Digital’s Wrap

Google Analytics Conference Melbourne 2014

A little over two weeks ago I attended the annual Google Analytics conference in Melbourne. Speaking at the conference were some of the brightest minds from the Google Analytics team who were also accompanied by some of Australia’s top experts in digital marketing analytics. It was an intense eight hour conference and as you can […]

The Killer Trigger That Makes For Content Marketing Success

target content marketing

Sales or sales leads don’t just happen. Your customers need to have some emotional buy-in to what you are offering. This sounds quite obvious and really simple, however, so few people get this right in their copywriting. And the combination of getting the emotional trigger correct, a really well designed and developed landing page and […]